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Cyber Liability

Cyber crime is a rapidly growing underground industry for criminals and criminal organizations across the globe. We help you make sure your online assets aren’t viewed by cyber criminals as another “business opportunity”.

Social Engineering

Coverage for social engineering falls outside the protection offered by typical Computer Fraud insurance. We help you identify holes in your coverage and provide protection against social engineering and phishing schemes.

Tech E&O

If you resell technology products, build websites, software, apps, and/or other technologies, Technical Errors & Omissions insurance covers your liability in the event that the services or products your business provide cause damage to a customer’s business.

Cyber Liability Insurance. Are you covered?

Affenix is an independent insurance agency specializing in cyber liability insurance, cyber risk management, and technology E&O insurance. Data has changed the way we process, communicate, purchase, make decisions and help our clients. The responsibility to protect HIPAA info, credit card numbers, and personal identifiable information from hackers and human error is becoming more important.

With data breach numbers on the rise, we believe the future of cyber liability insurance will include front end risk management.  That is why we have also created an insurance program that mitigates risk and offers a discounted cyber liability insurance policy. Affenix is dedicated to preparing, guiding, and insuring the digital world.

We offer cyber liability insurance for any business type including:

  • Healthcare
  • Retailers
  • Restaurants
  • Law Offices
  • Accounting Offices
  • Financial Services
  • Educational Institutions
  • Government

The new liability is in your company’s data. It is transforming the business world, and as new technologies are developed the cyber insurance world is changing too. New cyber insurance coverages are being developed everyday. Not all insurance policy coverages are the same. Your general liability policy is not designed to handle a data breach. Because of that, we have focused exclusively on cyber liability insurance. How can our Cyber Sherpa team help you?

Who do you contact first if a breach occurs?

We are your first phone call.

Will there be coverage for regulatory fines?

Yes, we are specialized in areas of business compliance.

Will a cyber liability policy pay our legal fees?


Do your policies pay for forensics costs?


I’m worried about our reputation. Is public relations coverage included?


What about loss of income, production loss, and downtime expense due to a breach?

We cover that too!

If we have our 3rd party vendor had a breach, do we have coverage?

Yes, we take the burden off of you!

Will your policies provide coverage for a 24 hour call center, mailers to my clients, and ID theft monitoring?


What a headache! How much time will this takeaway from us growing our business?

No headaches. We make the process simple.

Does our current insurance policy cover a data breach?

We will gladly review it for you; if we can’t help you we will tell you who can.